8 Catalog

Below are works that I created over the past 30 years. Many were made long before the advent of digital imaging. Film was very expensive and I am sorry to say many pieces were not recorded. Some of the images are of poor quality due to factors such as the age of the slides and negatives. Considering the difficulties I’ve faced over the years, it is truly amazing that any of these works or images have survived. I will be adding about 300 more in the upcoming weeks. Thanks to all the collectors out there who contributed to this catalog.

Labels can be interpreted as follows:

Medium-Size (in inches)-Year

oc -oil on canvas

ov -oil on velvet

ac -acrylic on canvas

ap -acrylic on panel

wc -woodcut

w -watercolor

biaa – Indicates work was shown at the Butler Institute of American Art

mma -Indicates work was shown at the John J. McDonough Museum of Art

cc -corporate collection

pc -private collection

d -indicates work was destroyed

Landscape Collection

Pop Collection

ANGST Collection

Jim Traficant