4 Murals

Since my beginnings as an artist, I have been painting indoor and outdoor murals. A 4×6 foot portable mural hangs in the PNC loge, Stambaugh Stadium, Youngstown State University. A large outdoor mural is located on Youngstown’s Northside, painted in association with YSUscape, a student organization that improves blighted neighborhoods. Others are located in homes, restaurants and hospitals throughout the Youngstown area.

Many of my murals have been destroyed. To avoid this, in 2015 I began working on a series of 5 large, portable murals at my studio in the Ward Bakery building in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. They are 9×12 feet, done in acrylic on canvas and a total of four were made. In 2016 several were displayed at my solo exhibition “Murals on Park Avenue”, DNA Gallery, the Trumbull Art Gallery in downtown Warren, Ohio and the Calvin Center for the Arts Gallery in downtown Youngstown, Ohio.

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